What makes an EcoSmart Fire Outlet Model?


It doesn’t take much for a model to enter into our Outlet Store.
It might be a model that is overstocked, samples, damaged in transit, or discontinued.
Or, perhaps it’s a showroom or demonstration model that can’t be sold as ‘brand new’.
There may be minor production blemishes like chips or scratches in the paint finish or stainless steel,
or maybe it’s just that we don’t have the correct packaging for it and it comes in a plain box.

Rest assured, any damage done to the products is purely superficial and in no way affects their functionality or safety.

All Outlet models come with all Manuals and standard Operating Accessories.


What should I expect when I
purchase an Outlet Model?

 (1) Substantial savings.

(2) A fully functional unit with complete documentation.

(3) The acceptance that your unit may arrive in unbranded packaging, and will present cosmetic imperfection, such as scratches, marks etc -  which is why the purchase price has been significantly reduced.

(4) Peace of mind that any damage done to the model is purely superficial and in no way affects their functionality or safety.

(5) Appreciation that our products are manufactured to very high standards and are expected to provide years of use without needing replacement.

How do I know the condition
what I am purchasing?

The EcoSmart Fire Outlet is your only authorised 
source for discounted prices on blemished 
EcoSmart Fire products. 

These fireplaces are slightly blemished, and need some tender loving care. They are former showroom models, discontinued models, prototypes, production blemishes, or over stocked items. 

You’ll see whilst browsing that we list imperfections that are evident to the models that might have occurred through transport damage or display.

Each piece listed will have a score from A to D noting the level of damage, A being the closest to that of brand new.

What if an Outlet model I wanted
is no longer available?

Outlet models come and go very quickly and there is no guarantee that the same offer will present itself.  We recommend that you act quickly if you see an item that you like to avoid disappointment.

A product will only be reserved for you once you've
completed Checking Out and we've received fully authorised payment.  Some payment methods take longer than others and availability of an Outlet product is not guaranteed until we receive your full payment.

The Fire Company is not liable to provide you with a model at the same price / condition if the order is sold whilst your payment is delayed by 3rd party processing times.  We will do our best to keep everyone happy!